What can you use a ring light for?

Every professional photographer is familiar with ring lights. They are a very useful tool that helps cast an even light onto the person or object being photographed. That is why they are most often used in studio fashion shots, portraits, or macro photography. Ring lights work best for close-up photographs. Using a ring light makes shadows softer or even reduces them completely. Illuminating the object makes blemishes seem invisible and can cause the model’s eyes to be emphasized in an intriguing way. If you see small lights forming a circle in the model’s eyes than that’s a telltale sign that the photo was taken using ring lights.

A ring light is a circle-shaped light with a hole in the middle so that you can take photos with your camera from the center of the ring light. It can be made up of several lightbulbs or one large LED light in the shape of the circle. The smallest ring lights can be mounted directly to the camera lens but most studios use large ones with a diameter of 9 or 12 inches.

But ring lights are not only used by professional photographers. Many beauty salons purchase them to record the effects of their work and add photos to their portfolios. These kinds of quality pictures can be then shared on social media and bring in a lot of customers so a ring light is a good investment for any hairdressers, make-up artists, or cosmeticians.

Ring lights are also a must-have piece of lighting equipment for many YouTube vloggers. Not having proper video light is a big problem for many beginner vloggers because if the video is not of good quality it will be hard to attract an audience. They are especially helpful for beauty YouTubers who need to be able to show off their makeup and clothes in the most beautiful and eye-catching way. Having a ring light allows people to shoot videos at any time of day or night with no lighting problems.

Ring lights used to be reserved for photography studios but have now become a ubiquitous tool that anyone can purchase and use. They are very affordable and are available in most retails stores. You can find many models at Ring Light Walmart.

For example, the 10 inches Selfie Ring Light from Morpilot costs only around 40$ and is one of the best choices for vlogging and live streaming. It has an adjustable tripod stand and two phone holders which can be useful if you want to be able to stream on two different platforms at once. This Morpilot Ring Light is powered by a USB port. The LED lighting brightness and tones (cool or warm) can be adjusted to give you the desired effect. And if you want to let your creativity flow then you can also use any of the eight other colors, like green, red, or purple. This ring light will be a perfect choice if your goal is to create beautiful and unique photographs or videos.